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Here are the books which I've written so far:

Bible Book Studies:

A Brief Survey of the Gospel of John

Theological Works:

A Brief Survey of Textual Criticism


Bible Reference Codes System

Modified McCheyne Bible Reading Calendar

Towards a Simple Personal References Database

     -- Access Database

     -- Access Database Zip File

     -- Excel Spreadsheet

     -- Excel Spreadsheet Zip File

     -- Text Database

     -- Text Database Zip File


TNARS Academic Papers:

BS 512 Biblical Studies:

     Book Outline and Notes: Louis Berkhof's Introduction to the New Testament

BS 670 Textual Criticism I:

     Analysis of The Identity of the New Testament Text II

BS875 - Textual Criticism II:

     Analysis of Vincent and Warfield on Textual Criticism

THE501 - Preaching:

     Text-to-Sermon Paper: Exodus 20:1-6

     Text-to-Sermon Paper: Romans 1:1-7

     Text-to-Sermon Paper: Jude 12-15